Polezhanski Lakes
Petar Cholakov

Polezhanski Lakes


Polezhanski Lakes (Polezhanski ezera) are named after the Pirin peak of Polezhan, under which are situated. The first of them – the Upper Polezhansko Lake (Gornoto Polezhansko Ezero) – is the highest situated body of water in Bulgaria. It is located at 2710 metres of altitude and is just a centimetre higher than the Icy Lake (Ledenoto ezero) in Rila. It has an elliptic shape and spans over a comparatively small area of 2.20 decares. During hot summers it almost completely dries out. Despite its less than impressive size, it can be viewed from the tops of all neghbouring peaks.


The Lower Lake (Dolnoto ezero) is located only at 900 metres of altitude but at the expense of that spans over a significantly larger area of 11.80 decares. It takes in the waters of the Upper Polezhansko Lake and together they flow in river Retizhe.


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