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    Roman heritage comes alive in Vidin / Bononia

    Are you ready to immerse yourself in the Roman world and the way of life of the Late Antiquity? On 1 October 2022 the Late Antique Roman Festival "Bononia comes alive" will be held in the town of Vidin, which will recreate the historical atmosphere of the Roman city of Bononia. Besides the participation of authentic re-enactment groups, the most exciting attraction for all attendants will be the landing of a reconstructed Roman ship - lusoria, on the Danube bank.

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    (Re)Discovering Danube Treasures in Vidin, Bulgaria

    What is the best way to celebrate the diversity of the Danube Region? The town of Vidin, Bulgaria tried to answer this question becoming the host of an extravaganza of culture, heritage, sounds, sights, tastes, emotions, and adrenaline taking place at the “Danube Treasures” Festival. It was held on 2 and 3 July 2022, under the DANUrB+ project, highlighting the end of a week full of events, including Regional Conference Vidin-Calafat, students’ exhibition, etc., marking the International Danube Day celebrations.

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    Regional Conference “Creative Danube. Connectivity - the Key to Overcoming the Shrinkage”

    The DANUrB+ Regional Conference “Creative Danube. Connectivity - The Key to Overcoming the Shrinkage” was held on 30th June 2022 in Vidin, Bulgaria and on 1st July 2022 in Calafat, Romania. This was the second Regional Conference in both countries following the first successful one conducted on 10th and 11th March in Bucharest and Ruse. It was an important part of a week full of events in Vidin, celebrating the International Danube Day.

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    От 29 юни до 3 юли град Видин ще е център на множество международни изяви. Многобройни събития по проект Градски бранд Дунав+ (DANUrB+), в който Община Видин е асоцииран партньор, ще изпълнят улиците на град Видин и ще отбележат подобаващо „Дните на Дунав“, провеждани едновременно в няколко държави по поречието на реката.

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    Opportunities for Training, Exchange and Volunteering Abroad

    Our colleagues and friends from the "Smokinya" Foundation are working hard to create a world that works for all people through actions based on love, care, and cooperation. The foundation serves as a platform for training people, who have the desire and motivation to meet their needs for education and development. The opportunities supplied are due to the provided space for training, contribution and growth, through participation, volunteering, and project management.

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    DANURB+ Partners’ Meeting and Shrinking Cities Study Tour in Eastern Romania and Bulgaria, 30.05.–03.06.2022

    Another DANUrB+ Partners’ Meeting and Study Tour was held in Romania within a month time, between 30th May and 3rd June 2022. This time it was in its eastern part, including a day in Silistra, Bulgaria, and it gathered project partners and stakeholders from the 6 nations on the project - Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia.

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    Danurb+ as Part of the New European Bauhaus Festival

    DANUrB+ is part of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) between 9 and 12 June, organized by the European Commission.

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    The Virtual Reality Reconstructions in Living Danube Limes Project

    The Living Danube Limes (LDL) project will develop a website and mobile application aiming to present the archeological sites of Roman fortifications, fortresses, and settlements along the Danube Region in an interactive way. Approximately 350 sites will be included, and 8 pilot sites from partner countries will be presented through virtual reality (VR) reconstructions. The coordinator for Bulgaria, National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" (NTC-BG), is responsible for the Bulgarian pilot site Bononia/Vidin, which together with the remains and finds in Sinagovtsi and Ratiaria/Archar, have the potential for huge tourist development of Vidin Region in cultural and historical aspect.

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    Компендиум за дигитален дизайн

    Научете новостите от напредъка по проект HerTour4Youth.

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    DANURB+ Partners Reveal a Study Trip in Western Romania, April 26-30, 2022

    A DANUrB+ Partners’ Meeting and Study Trip was held in Western Romania between 26th and 30th April 2022. It gathered project partners and stakeholders from the 6 nations - Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia.

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    The First Newsletter of HERTOUR4YOUTH Project is Available!

    What are the goals of the project, which target groups it aims to reach and who can benefit, who are the partners and which countries are involved, what has been done so far. You can learn all this from the attachments.

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    Workshop "Local Values аnd Development of Cultural Tourism in The Region of Vidin, Bulgaria"

    DANUrB+ Bulgarian partners – National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” and New Bulgarian University, Department of Architecture with the tremendous support of the Associated Partner – Municipality of Vidin, organized the workshop "Local Values and Development of Cultural Tourism in the Region of Vidin, Bulgaria". Held on 31st March 2022, the event focused on the assets of the region, its local values and potential for development.