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    DANURB+ Partners Reveal a Study Trip in Western Romania, April 26-30, 2022

    A DANUrB+ Partners’ Meeting and Study Trip was held in Western Romania between 26th and 30th April 2022. It gathered project partners and stakeholders from the 6 nations - Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia.

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    The First Newsletter of HERTOUR4YOUTH Project is Available!

    What are the goals of the project, which target groups it aims to reach and who can benefit, who are the partners and which countries are involved, what has been done so far. You can learn all this from the attachments.

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    Workshop "Local Values аnd Development of Cultural Tourism in The Region of Vidin, Bulgaria"

    DANUrB+ Bulgarian partners – National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” and New Bulgarian University, Department of Architecture with the tremendous support of the Associated Partner – Municipality of Vidin, organized the workshop "Local Values and Development of Cultural Tourism in the Region of Vidin, Bulgaria". Held on 31st March 2022, the event focused on the assets of the region, its local values and potential for development.

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    Call for Contributions: Challenges and Opportunities of Living in Shrinking and Peripheral Cities along the Danube

    On 10th and 11th March 2022, DANUrB+ partners are organizing a Regional conference dedicated to the challenges in shrinking cities along the Danube. The event focuses on the opportunities for development of Bulgarian and Romanian settlements in the Danube regions, highlighting the importance of the "smart" networks, utilization of cultural and historical heritage and the power of the local communities.

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    Trifon Zarezan - Wine, Feasts, and Traditions

    In Bulgaria, St. Trifon's Day was celebrated on February 14, but after the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, it moved to February 1 (February 14 remains "Vineyard Day"). Trifon Zarezan is the day of wine, wine growers, pubs, and gardeners, which should be celebrated with lively feasts, smiles, and fun.

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    Sustainable Entrepreneurship along the Danube - Educational Program in Bulgaria

    On 21st December 2021, as part of the DANUrB+ school programs, National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” organized an online workshop “Sustainable Entrepreneurship along the Danube”. Attended by representatives of six vocational schools and gymnasiums from three different Bulgarian Danube towns – Vidin, Svishtov and Ruse, the event focused on the school programs in shrinking settlements and the planned for the Spring of 2022 Competition for young entrepreneurs based on the DANUrB+ Quality label criteria.

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022 Year

    We wish you health, happiness, prosperity and new achievements!

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    Focus Group on the Danube Roman Heritage in Bulgaria as Part of a Common European Cultural Route

    On 25th November 2021 National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” organized an online focus group dedicated to the Danube Roman Heritage as a part of a common European Cultural Route. Co-organizers were the other two Bulgarian partners - Association of the Danube River Municipalities and Centre for Heritage Interpretation. The two associated partners - Regional Historical Museum of Vidin and Association “Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Serdicae” took actively part in the event and shared their expertise in the new Roman heritage findings in Bononia/Vidin and the value of living history events and reenactment activities.

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    DANUrB+ Partners Shared a Study Trip along Serbia and Croatia

    Another DANUrB+ Partners’ Meeting and Study Trip was held in 2 cross-border countries – Serbia and Croatia between 8th and 12th November 2021. It gathered project partners and stakeholders from the 6 nations - Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia.

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    Pilot Site Visits in Bononia/Vidin, Bulgaria

    Pilot site visits in 3 stages were conducted by the Bulgarian Partners in the Living Danube Limes (LDL) project (preliminary stage in April 2021; stages 1 and 2 in October 2021): the Pilot Site Coordinator - National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide”, the Association of the Danube River Municipalities, and the Centre for Heritage Interpretation. Together with the associated partner Regional Historical Museum of Vidin (RHMV) they discussed the present and future opportunities for further development of Bononia/Vidin, Sinagovtsi, and Ratiaria/Archar. During all stages of the event, the Living Danube Limes project objectives, endeavours, and expected results were introduced, as well as exchanging opinions on how to make the rich antique heritage of the Vidin area better known, and how to inspire heritage management institutes for innovative approaches, and local communities for active participation in heritage related initiatives.

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    DANUrB+ Partnership on a Journey Connecting Communities in Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria

    The DANUrB+ International Partners’ Meeting took place in 3 different countries – Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria between 10th and 15th October 2021. It gathered more than 50 project partners and stakeholders from the 6 countries - Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia.

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    New DANUrB International Association will unite and integrate Danube policies

    11th October, 2021 is the birth date of the DANUrB International Association (DIA) in Esztergom, Hungary. The ceremony wrapped up the 1st DANUrB+ International Conference, hosted by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK). The aim of the Association is to transform an international project between 7 countries into a sustainable, active, and rooted collaboration format, to boost knowledge transfer on operational strategies to sustain cross-border corporations in an institutionalized framework focusing on the different eco-social aspects. One of the purposes of the Association is to coordinate cultural initiatives along the Danube River and to create the certification label of the Danube Settlements (Danube Urban Brand).