Baykushevа mura
Yavor Valchev

Baykushevа mura


One of Bulgaria’s most famous trees is Baykusheva mura (Baykushev Pine). The reason: this is the second oldest tree in the country after the Granitovski Oak tree. However, it is the oldest coniferous tree in the country and among the oldest in the world. Baykusheva mura is almost of the same age as the state of Bulgaria. Its age is determined to be around 1300 years. The famous tree is of the Pinus leucodermis (Bosnian pine) species. It is situated in Pirin Mountain, about 300 metres away from Banderitsa chalet at 1930 metres of altitiude.


The millennial tree was discovered in 1897 by forester Konstantin Baykushev. Its “godfather” is the father of poet Nikola Vaptsarov – Yonko Vaptsarov – who was guide of forester Baykushev’s expeditions in the region.


Baykusheva mura is 26 metres tall. Its trunk is 2.2 metres in diameter and 7.8 metres in circumference. At least six big men are needed for the tree to be encircled. However, this is not advised to be done because stepping over the roots will hurt them. The roots in question are a truly remarkable sight. They are thickly twisted around the big trunk and together with the long cross branches and the millennial history embedded into them they inspire each visitor to capture them in a photograph.


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