Durankulak Lake
Dimitar Ruykov

Durankulak Lake


The beautiful and romantic Durankulak Lake is an ancient place, but it’s still important and very much beloved. Located in the north easternmost part of Bulgaria, close to the Romanian border, the lake, declared a protected area, is among the best preserved coastal wetlands in Bulgaria.


The diverse flora and fauna is abundant here. There are over 260 endemic, rare and threatened plant and animal species. It is, in fact, the only place in the country, proven to be habitat for the Wild carp.  More than 256 bird species are registered here and the Via Pontica bird migratory route cuts across Durankulak. The lake is of utmost importance to bird conservation and a very popular destination for ornithological tourism.


The history of the lake takes us ten millennia back in time, when the sinking of land masses, caused sea waters to invade the mouths of a few rivers in the area. Evidence of prehistoric life are scattered throughout the whole area of ​​the lake and the nearby village of Durankulak. Pit houses of the first farmers of Dobrudzha have been unearthed near the west shore, as well as mound burials dating back to the early bronze age, a Sarmatian necropolis from Late Antiquity, the necropolises of Big Island’s residents, the rock-hewn cave sanctuary of the goddess Cybele - the only one of its kind in Europe, the traces of a fortified Proto Bulgar settlement from the 9th -10th century AD scattered all over the island and much more.


Access is permitted, but the lake is guarded and compliance with certain rules when visiting is a must.


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