"Yovkovtsi" Reservoir
Dimitar Ruykov

"Yovkovtsi" Reservoir


The woody and scenic Elena Balkan range is a combination of beautiful mountain scenery, ancient traditions and customs, rich cultural and historical heritage. The area is not deprived of stunning natural sights and landmarks either - Hristovski waterfall, the Peak of Chumerna, Markov kamak (”The Stone of Marko”) and one of the largest dams in the country - the"Yovkovtsi" Reservoir. It supplies drinking water to the majority of Veliko Tarnovo’s residents and the neighboring areas, but also offers great opportunities for tourism and recreation. Fishermen are frequent visitors, many practice water motor sports here and there’s a  horse riding club nearby.


The "Yovkovtsi" Reservoir was built in the 1970s.on the Vesselina River and about 5 km from the town of Elena. The villages of Valchovtsi and Yakovtsi are nearby. The dam was named after one of the settlements, destroyed for its construction. Today, the village is under water. There are dozens of recreational places on its shores, the perfect spots to relax in the sun or under the cool shade of the trees, to enjoy some peace and quiet in nature, fresh Balkan mountain air and the beautiful scenery. It’s a great place to pick wholesome tea and herbs, fragrant wild strawberries and blackberries, excellent for a delicious home-made jam or gather some mushrooms.


The Reservoir is a starting point for several hiking routes around the colorful Elena-Tvarditsa Balkan range.


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