Muratov Peak
Miroslava Dermendjieva

Muratov Peak


Muratov Peak (a.k.a "Little Vihren") was nicknamed after the highest peak of the Pirin Mountains, because of their resemblance and similar pyramidal shape. Reaching 2669 m., the peak is also called “Granite”. The steep granite cliffs and slopes create mesmerizing alpine scenery but turn climbing into a mountaineering challenge. The avalanche risk here is high.

Vihren Hut is 2 hrs away from Muratov Peak, Bunderitsa hut - 2:30hrs and Sinanitsa hut – 3:00 hrs. The easiest climbing route goes through “Banderishka porta”, thence up along the wide ridge until the very end. Other possible routes are: the northern and eastern edges.


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