Lake Pancharevo

Lake Pancharevo


In fact, “Pancharevo” is a reservoir,  situated 12 km from Sofia (towards Samokov town), at the end of the Pancharevo gorge and between two mountains - Vitosha and Lozenska, near the protected area of Plana Mountain. It was created  in the 1950s, as part of the construction of Hydrotub "Iskar". It’s 3 km long, about 400 m wide, 15 m deep and a major aquatic and ornithological habitat. Apart from the great variety of birds, fish and other animal species, the place is perfect for practicing water sports – there’s a National rowing base and conditions for other amateur disciplines. There is a separate beach area and a few recreation spots along the banks.

Hiking and biking lovers will definitely find something for themselves here as well. Lake Pancharevo is a starting point for several routes to the nearby mountains. The historic sites - Kokalyanski Monastery "St. Archangel Michael and “Urvich” Fortress are not far away either.

The renowned mineral springs in the area have been used ever since Antiquity. That natural wealth was the perfect precondition for the development of SPA tourism in the area- there’re lots of great spa centers and swimming pools around.

Some years back, a recreational craft used to be the main attraction at Pancharevo. The pleasure boat's floating scene and great variety show had been attracting hundreds of people to the lake for decades. That’s history now.

Nevertheless, Lake Pancherevo has always been and still is pretty popular - some enjoy fishing trips here, others practice various sports, thirds simply admire the beautiful scenery.



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