Shiroka Polyana Reservoir
Miroslava Dermendjieva

Shiroka Polyana Reservoir


Birds singing, the murmur of the water, aromas of fresh pine forests – a divine, ethereal and enchanting place ...

Shiroka Polyana Reservoir is located 20 km away from the town of Dospat in the Western Rhodopes. A wide variety of plants grow in the surrounding areas, the forests offer shelter to an even wider variety of wildlife - elk, fox, deer, bear, wolf, fox, hare and others. Inevitably, one feels immersed in an atmosphere of ghostly myths and enigmatic legends. Some say that Orpheus spent years wandering these lands. The reservoir stands out with its distinct shape, creating the illusion that it’s actually composed of several smaller lakes with separate walls. This eye-catching effect is directly related  to its uneven bottom.

Besides the traditional, more over mandatory hikes and walks in the area, there are many other pastime opportunities. You can get to know the mountain by bicycle or with the help of a professional guide who will put your mountain orientation skills to the test with a map and a compass.

The lake’s excellent for fishing and kayaking. The area offers conditions for camping as well.


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