The Seven Rila Lakes
Miroslava Dermendzhieva

The Seven Rila Lakes


The Seven Rila Lakes are located in the Damgski section of Northwestern Rila at between 2100 – 2500m of altitude. They are part of Bulgaria’s 100 National Tourist Sites and are favourite destination to thousands of Bulgarians. The lakes are of glacial origin and are situated terrace-like connecting to one another with the help of small brooks which at certain places form beautiful cascades and waterfalls. Each of the lakes has a unique name based on its peculiarities. The highest lake is the Tear (Salzata) – its name comes from the fact that the water in it is completely pure. Next is the Eye (Okoto) which has an almost perfect oval shape. It is the deepest cirque lake in Bulgaria. The Kidney Lake (Babreka) has the steepest shores while the Twin Lake (Bliznaka) is biggest in terms of area. The Fish Lake (Ribnoto) is the shallowest while the Lower Lake (Dolnoto) is the lowest situated. The Trefoil (Trilistnika), on its part, charms us with its irregular shape. The Lower Lake collects the water from all the upper lakes and gives birth to the Dzherman River.


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