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    Душански пътешественици

    Пътуване от София до морето през Родопските чудеса

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    Южно ч


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    Sofia Multi-culti

    If you are more adventurous, but like to explore some emblematic buildings representing the cultural and religous mixture of the Bulgarian folk, from the Central location of Vitosha Blvd. and St. Nedelya Church you can direction north and pass through the subway. Here you can see remainings from the first inhabitance of Sofia (previously called Serdica and Triaditsa) - the Thracians. Passing by the reputable shopping mall (TSUM) you will reach a small park, where usually some suspicous persons are enjoying the weather or their coffee. On the right side you can see the Central Mineral Baths, previously functioning like this, but nowadays turned into a Museum of Sofia. On the left there is the only one Mosque in Sofia - Banya Bashi. On the other side of the street there is a large covered market with traditional food and souveniers - Halite. Just behind the market is located the largest Synagogue on the Balkan Peninsula. Continuing along the street you will reach the so known Women market. Here you can practice your negotiating skills and make some bargains. Pirotska str. is another pedastrian zone and shopping area. St. Josif Church can be the last stop of this small multi-culti trip in the heart of Sofia.

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    Sightseeing in Sofia

    You can start your tour from the Sofia University or the nearby National Library. Than cross Vasil Levski Blvd. and go through the small park. On your right side you will see the statute of St. Kliment Ochridski - the founder of the Cyrilic alphabeth. Walking straight you will pass between the National Assembly (right) and the monument of Tzar Alexander II (Liberator). From here you can see the golden roof of Alexander Nevski Cathedral - the largest church in Bulgaria. Next to it is St. Sofia church - ancient and with with rich history. Right in front of the "brick church" some archeological sites have been recently discovered.

    Coming back to the main route (Tsar Alexander I Blvd. - the golden pavement) you will see the small Cristal park, the Military club and the Russian Church. Along the Boulevard there are many historical and administrative buildings like the National Galery (previously Kings` Palais), the National Bank, the Presidency, Ministry Council and the Ex-Communist Party Central.
    Other way to choose is through the City Park , where the National Theatre Ivan Vazov is located. The second largest church "St. Nedelya".
    Don`t miss the ancient church St. George located in the middle of a yard surrounded with administrative buildings, incl. Presidency, as well as the St. Petka Church - in the subway of Sv. Nedely Metro Station.

    Facing the Vitosha mountain you can take a walk on the main pedastrian boulevard - Vitosha. In a walking distance is the National Palace of Culture.

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    Лято 2017

    Тук-там природа

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    Ognjanovo and Leshten

    Wandering and relax in the West Rhodopes

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    Eastern Rhodopes around Kurdzhali

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    Вършец, Монтана и наоколо

    Тръгваме за Вършец през Петроханския проход. Горе спираме, хапваме по една чорба и продължаваме. На път се отбиваме до

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    Central Balkan - Teteven, Ribaritsa

    A weekend full with culture, nature and freshness...

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    Габрово, Трявна, Севлиево

    културно-историческа обиколка на Централна България

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    Разглеждане на къщите в Пловдив + вкусно похапване в ресторант

    Всъщност основната цел на тази разходка е посещение на ресторант в Стария Град, а разходката на къщите е с цел да огладнеем и да си хапнем вкусно традиционна кухня