Tevno Lake
Gergana Valcheva

Tevno Lake


The Bellemeto cirque is situated in the heart of Pirin - one of the most appealing places in the higher parts of the Mountain. Tevno Lake, situated in the cirque, is among the 13 Malokamenishki Lakes in the valley of River Mozgovitsa. Only eight of the lakes are permanent, the rest are seasonal and dry up in summer.


Seven peaks surround the Lakes, but Kamenitsa, Little Kamenitsa, Kralev dvor, Momin dvor and Valyavishki chukar are the most famous. All this natural harmony is a result of the erosive forces of the ancient glaciers that formed the Beklemeto cirque.


Tevno Lake, situated beneath Momin dvor and Valyavishki chukar, is the northernmost and largest of the Lakes. It has an irregular elongated shape and is among the largest alpine glacial lakes with an area of ​​about 6,000 m2. There’s a hut by the lake, offering beds and bunks.


Other well-known lakes in the Beklemeto cirque are The Triangular, The Elongated, The Lower Lake, etc. The Belemeto cirque is 3:30h from the Bezbog refuge.


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