Golyam Beglik Reservoir
Gergana Valcheva

Golyam Beglik Reservoir


A place that offers the captivating power of water, true serenity in nature, fresh mountain air and everything else needed for a time well-spent - “Golyam Beglik" Reservoir. Located at an altitude of 1525 m. in the Central Rhodopes, the reservoir along with several others in the vicinity are the main tourist places in the region. Golyam Beglik provides habitat for various species of fish and draws lots of fishermen. Wild ducks and geese roam the waters.

There is a diversity of game in the surrounding area - bear, deer, foxes, wolves, wild boars, rabbits, etc. “Golyam Beglik” is quite a colorful place, even more so as the reservoir's  three islands are covered with pine forests. "Beglika" Reserve and the protected areas "Samodivska polyana", "Batlaboaz" and "Chatama” are closely situated as well. As attractive as they are, bear in mind that the access to the protected areas is controlled and restricted.
The lake - up to 40 m. deep - offers excellent conditions for boat trips and kayaking, while the area itself  - for cycling, hiking, camping. There are 14 camping areas in  "Beglika" Park.
The already traditional “Beglika Fest" is held by the shores of “Golyam Beglik”. Artists, nature lovers, athletes and volunteers get together to enjoy shared and harmonious communication with nature. The festival’s held annually in August.


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