Muratovo Lake

Muratovo Lake


In the crystal-clear waters of the high-altitude Muratovo Lake one can see the massive slopes of the Pirin peaks of Todorka and Banderishki chukar (Banderishki Peak). And there is a reason why this place is often described as one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful spots. Its description is not an easy challenge. The ones who have had the chance to get to 2230 metres of altitude in Pirin, under Muratov Peak, are really lucky. But not because they have seen the glaciers that the lakes here originate from – they are long gone but have left incredibly beautiful traces of their former existence. One of them is Muratovo Lake itself. 12.3 decares in size and 3.2 metres deep, it is one of those works of nature that are able to excite a poetic outburst even in the most un-poetic of man. Malak potok (Little Stream) which flows down from the slopes of Muratov Peak and Hvoynati Peak contributes to the beauty of this place by flowing into the lake, forming two exquisite peninsulas. The easiest way to get to it is by starting from Vihren chalet. 

The lake bears the name of the neighbouring Muratov Peak but it is also related to the nearby peaks of Sinanitsa and Gergiytsa. They are all united by the legend of a beautiful girl called Gergiytsa, daughter of a Pirin shepherd. Murat Bey saw the girl by one of the lakes here, liked her and followed her up the hill. When he caught up with her, he reached his arms to catch her but she took out a dagger and stabbed herself to death. Around her neck Murat Bey saw an amulet with a piece of skin hidden inside that read: “Sinanitsa.” He recognized this amulet because he wore the same and Sinanitsa was the name of his mother…


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