Polezhan Peak

Polezhan Peak


The bold silhouette of the highest granite peak in the Pirin Mountains - Polezhan Peak - stands at 2851m alongside the Little Polezhan, Bezbog, Gazey and Kaymakchal Peaks.  

The summit reveals breathtaking views. The view to the west is dominated by the Macedonian mountains and to the north-northeast – by the Balkan Mountains. Your fascinated gaze will reach the Rhodopes to the east and as far south as Mount Olympus in Greece.

Two of the highest mountain lakes in Pirin are situated next to the peak - the highest lake in Bulgaria the Upper Polezhan lake (2710 m.) and the Upper Gazey lake (2642m.)

The way up to Polezhan is covered with thin stone slabs. Here, the particular clatter, caused by footsteps, makes the climb even more exciting and appealing. The most common route to climb Polezhan goes through Bezbog. However, route choices to the peak vary depending on weather conditions.

The peak used to be named Mangar Tepe after the Turkish word for coin – mangar. It is said that once the stone slabs were likened to coins.


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