The Northwestern Kingdom (Vidin, Belogradchik)

The kingdom of history, marvelous nature and ancient legends

The Northwestern Kingdom – the kingdom of history, marvelous nature and ancient legends.

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The Ludogorie (Isperih, Razgrad, Popovo)

The story of unforgettable times and beautiful nature, spread out on the lands of Ludogorie

In the eastern part of the Danubian plain, before to reach the region of Dobrudzha, is expanding the Ludogorie.

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Vrachanski Balkan

Beauty and history at the foot and on the slopes of Vrachanski Balkan.

The Balkan Mountains, hanging above the town, the specific accent, the Ledenika Cave and Okolchitsa Peak – we can enumerate even longer but it isn’t necessary: even if we ignore the title it’s already clear we are talking about Vratsa.

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Central Danubian Plain (Pleven)

The town – a symbol of heroism

In the centre of the Danubian Plain, at the hearth of the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, in the center of viniculture, is located the inhabited for millennia town of Pleven.

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Bulgarian Renaissance Craft Centers (Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Tryavna, Sevlievo)

Unique touch to traditional arts and crafts

The country’s most "Artisanal region" gives us all a chance to step into the atmosphere of Renaissance craft industry.

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Plovdiv and the Thracian Plain

The City of Seven Hills

Splendid, enigmatic, antiquity- those are just a few of the worthy adjectives that the city of Plovdiv has earned.

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North Black Sea Coast

Clean waters, virgin places, wide beaches...

A bizarre place, with an abundance of natural beauty and history.

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South Black Sea Coast

Wide beaches, picturesque coves and a thousand-year-old history

An almost 60-meter sheer cliff literally puts an end to the Balkans’ “dive” into the sea, a “boundary”, though only provisional that splits the Black Sea coast in two: North and South.

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The Gorge of the River Iskar

Picturesque views, high waterfalls, rock phenomena

The Gorge offers an abundance of natural and cultural values that will touch your heart…

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In the green embrace of the Balkans (Botevgrad, Pravets, Teteven, Ribaritsa)

Places that cannot be described but must be seen and experienced.

‘Had I not come to Teteven, I would have also been a foreigner to Mother Bulgaria…
I have wandered and roamed far and wide but I have never seen a more wonderful paradise.’

Ivan Vazov

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Berkovitsa, Varshets and the Petrohan Pass

Imposing natural landscapes

Enticing places that should be on every nature lover's bucket list ... A tantalizing spectacle of landscape beauty that touches even less refined eyes... Air that fills you with that one special vibe and gives you the vigor of the mountain. Pristine creeks - refreshing oases tempting you to just drink the crystal clear water out of your hands...These visions pale in comparison to Berkovitsa’s picturesque beauty in real life, but they’re actually a pitch-perfect rendering of its mesmerizing charm.

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Central Rhodope Mountains (Smolyan, Pamporovo, Chepelare)

The Land of Orpheus

Fresh air, crystal clear streams and singing brooks, azure lakes, majestic rock formations, breathtaking views, serenity ...

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Silistra and Srebarna Reserve

It is impossible to find yourself here by sheer accident.

Silistra is located in one of the northernmost areas by the bank of the Danube river.

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Veliko Tarnovo and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom

A time travel ...

The capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom - Tarnovgrad (today- Veliko Tarnovo), was center of the liberation struggle against the Byzantine rule.

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The Sub-Balkan valleys

In the cradle of the Bulgarian Revival

Kalofer, Karlovo, Sopot, Klisura, Koprivshtitsa and Panagyurishte have bred renowned patriots, brave Bulgarian men and apostles of the Bulgarian liberation and independence.

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Elena Balkans (Elena)

Traditions kept alive

The town of Elena and the Elena Balkans are among those places to which everything applies and where one can see everything – picturesque nature, historical sites, traditions kept alive.

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The Eastern Balkan Mountains and the Pre-Balkans (Kotel, Medven, Zheravna)

Unique Revival architecture and history intertwined with the masterly works of nature.

It is so quiet and peaceful here that you can hear the whisper of history. It is so beautiful that you can’t tell how long you’ve been staring at the greenery and at the little houses, resembling film décor. It’s so wide that each moment you anticipate the sound of shepherd’s pipe to come from the neighbouring hill. And no matter if you’re lover of caving tourism, country life, mountains or history, you’ll find everything in the Eastern Balkans.

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Lovech and the Troyan Balkan

Historical memories and a Renaissance artistry in beautiful scenery

All known lords and rulers of the Bulgarian lands have left their mark on the historical town of Lovech.

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The Song of the Wheels (Yovkov's Dobrich)

A town with long history.

“I am always inclined to trust people, to see and look for the good in them first and foremost.” That’s what Yordan Yovkov – the Master of the Short Story – said. By way of his work, the writer has left us with many wise thoughts, significant literary pieces and ever-valid messages. Part of his work lives through the fertile Dobrudzha. The author was born in Zheravna but spent a great part of his life in Dobrich. That’s what the town is most famous for. That’s why it’s called Yovkov’s Dobrich.

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The Valley of Thracian Kings

The Thracian heritage.

The abundance of ancient archaeological monuments situated in the Kazanlak Region has given it the name “Valley of the Thracian Kings.”

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The “City of the 100 Voivodes” (Sliven)

A center of the haidouk resistance movement during the Bulgarian Revival

Memories of hundreds of brave Bulgarians, their heroic attitude and exploits, boldness and unwavering faith. It is what kept the patriotic spirit, yearning for freedom and hope alive in the long years of the Ottoman rule. Many of these Bulgarians were born in Sliven.

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The Old Bulgarian Capitals (Pliska, Preslav)

The glorious past of the First Bulgarian Kingdom

Today we’re lucky to possess rich information and artifacts from the glorious times of the first Bulgarian capitals – Pliska and Preslav.

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The Stara Zagora Plain

Seven cities and dozens of villages dwell on the lands of the ancients

The Stara Zagora plain covers parts of the former lands of the Thracians - today's eastern half of the Upper Thracian Valley.

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Yambol Municipality and the Megalithic monuments

Stone evidence of life thousands of years old.

Bulgaria’s Southeastern part is strewed with stone evidence of the life in these places thousands of years ago. That’s what Yambol Municipality is famous for – its megalithic monuments. They cohabitate with the region’s beautiful nature – well preserved riparian forests, mineral springs, caves and rare animal and plant species conserved in reserves and protected territories. Over tens of ancient settlements and fortresses and around 1000 burial mounds have been discovered here.

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SPA and Culture in the Western Rhodopes

Unique architectural monuments and abundant mineral springs

The ever so fascinating Rhodope Mountain boasts impressive slopes with centuries-old lush forests, crystal clear brooks and creeks and the finest crisp mountain air. This scenic part of Bulgaria solicitously keeps a myriad of traditions, customs, songs and legends of bravery and heroes.

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Legends of the Eastern Rhodopes (Kardzhali, Ivaylovgrad, Madzharovo)

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Eastern Rhodopes

Here the nature comes alive and whispers legends of ancient gods and fairytale heroes wandered through age-old forests and left traces in time.

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The Mystical Strandzha Mountain

Mysterious, fascinating, extraordinary...

The mystical Strandzha Mountain will offer you a warm embrace of magical mysticism, unique nature and ancient culture. Immerse yourselves into an everlasting experience that will fill you with a sense of humility and gratitude.

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At the foot of the Lakes (Sapareva Banya, Panichishte and the Rila Lakes)

Challenging mountain trails, mysterious lakes, white ski runs, hot mineral springs…

Rila Mountain – its sharp peaks and pinnacles create the impression that it is inaccessible. And this captivates us. But we’re also captivated by its boundless beauty. It is home to many animal and plant species as well as to the gorgeous Rila Lakes – officially named The Seven Rila Lakes but, in reality, much more in number. The foot of the mountain enriches the region with its precious cultural-historical heritage and its hot mineral springs.

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The White Gate to Rila (Samokov and Borovets)

For the lovers of winter sports.

The Samokov Valley, located at the doorstep of several mountains – Rila, Plana, Vitosha and Verila, is home to the eponymous town of Samokov. It opens the opportunity to access Bulgaria’s highest mountain – Rila – from the north. It offers wonderful conditions for ski tourism and the ability to touch upon the beauty of the sharp-peaked mountain.

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The Southwestern Region (the regions of Blagoevgrad, Bansko, Sandanski)

High mountains, picturesque gorges, meandering rivers, ancient traditions and preserved authenticity

Here you could immerse yourself into the pristine alpine scenery; practice winter sports on perfect high mountain slopes, relax in the warm embrace of mineral springs, and savor traditional local dishes and wines to the complex rhythms of grave Macedonian songs.

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Sofia – Capital City and Mala Sveta Gora

On a strategic crossroad.

Many factors determine the choice of Sofia as Bulgaria’s capital. This choice was made in 1879 after the Liberation from the Ottoman Rule under the proposal of Georgi Rakovski and Prof. Marin Drinov. They weren’t alone, however – the proposal was supported by many more public figures. Sofia was bearing the old glory of Serdica and Sredets.

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A mosaic of mountains, hollows and deeply cut valleys.

Kraishte – the endmost southwestern region of Bulgaria. It also spans over the eastern parts of neighbouring Serbia as well as over a small territory in Macedonia.

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The Mountains Around the Sofia Plain

The Sofia Plain is the biggest of the Sub-Balkan valleys.

Around 8 million years ago the plain used to be a lake. Today, at least four mountains rise over it – Vitosha, Lyulin Mountain, Lozenska and Plana.

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Kyustendil and Osogovo Mountain

Fertility and warm mineral springs

One of Bulgaria’s oldest towns is located in the southwestern part of the country and today bears the name ‘Kyustendil’.

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The Rose Valley

A centre of life since Thracian times.

The Rose Valley – a place soaked in distant history and rose scent, in the centurial labour of generations of rose gatherers, which has preserved to this day the precious tradition and the leading position in the yield of the queen of flowers.

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Ruse and the Nature Park “Rusenski Lom”

The free spirit of Ruse

Ruse is called “the little Vienna” not by accident.

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