Peak Vihren
Miroslava Dermendjieva

Peak Vihren


Vihren is the highest peak of Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountains and the second highest in the country. Reaching 2914 m., the peak is located in Pirin’s northern parts and belongs to the mountain’s marble chine. Due to the harsh weather conditions, one of its old names is Eltepe – Tempest Peak. Ancient Slavs worshipped it and believed that the mythical god Perun lived there - the God of tempests. A fascinating peculiarity is that if viewed from different angles, Vihren looks like different peaks.

Peak Kutelo and the famous karst ridge Koncheto are to the northwest of the Peak, and to the southeast is the Hvoynati Peak. The Vlahini lakes are at the foot of the Peak. Various routes lead to the summit, as good starting points are: Vihren, Yavorov and Banderitsa Huts. The northern slope of the Peak is a famous Alpine site, as both summer and winter climbs are quite common here. The Eltepe Chalet is at its foot and in the area you can see the rare alpine plant Edelweiss.


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