“Studen kladenets“ Reservoir

“Studen kladenets“ Reservoir


“Studen Kladenets” Reservoir /eng: Cold well /was the first structure ever built on the middle reaches of the Arda River. The concrete dam walls are 350 m. long and rise at a height of 65m. Built to regulate the large seasonal outflow of Arda, the reservoir is used for irrigation and power generation through the hydropower plant as well. The pond is suitable for fishing. Local fishermen favor the bay by the villages of Shiroka polyana and Zvezdelina and the slopes near Gnyazdovo and Kaloyantsi.

The natural canyon-like gorge, formed beneath the dam’s wall, is a beautiful work of nature, called "Sheytana" (from turk: deused, diabolical). Legends have it that evil forces had been ravaging the area for ages until one day they finally got frozen in the high icy cliffs here. Protected area "Golemiat sipei"/ eng: “The Big scree”/ is on the left bank of the reservoir while the right one  leads to  "Valchi Dol" Reserve /eng: “Wolf’s vale Reserve/

The rocky area around the reservoir attracts protected species such as: vulture, eagle and falcon.  The reservoir is inhabited by many water birds such as: grebe, heron, seagull and others. The area is excellent for water sports.


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