Tamnata Gora Reserve

Tamnata Gora Reserve


The beautiful slopes of the Western Rhodope are still home to parts of what once were giant forests. These remains can only be seen here and constitute of the mixed fir, beech and spruce forests of Tamnata Gora (The Dark Forest) maintained reserve. Its name comes naturally: its typical trees are considerably tall so it’s difficult for the light to get through.


The territory is located near the village of Kovachevitsa, along the Kanina River at 1400 – 1600m of altitude. The average age of the trees is between 180 and 200 years and the average height goes above 50m. Apart from the typical firs, beeches and spruces, there are various representatives of the higher flora – over 90 species altogether. The centuries-old shadows are also home to many animals – over 120 species of vertebrates and many invertebrates. The greenery has managed to preserve some species endangered both on a national and on a European scale.


Going across the reserve is only allowed along marked paths. 


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