Srebarna Reserve
Svetlomira Todorova

Srebarna Reserve


One of Bulgaria’s most beautiful biosphere reserves is located 16 kilometres away from the town of Silistra, near the village of Srebarna. The area which includes the eponymous lake and its surroundings is part of a number of international treaties on biodiversity conservation such as the UNESCO list and others.


The place is among the 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. Its importance is mainly attributed to the birds – 221 feathery species nest here. Among them are the pygmy cormorant, the Dalmatian pelican, the glossy ibis, the mute swan, the lesser white-fronted goose, the greylag goose, the bearded reedling… The lake is Bulgaria’s only traditional nesting habitat for the great egret. Its significance is further contributed by Via Pontica – the route of the migrating birds which passes over it. The local animal kingdom is no way less rich with 41 species of mammals, 11 species of reptiles, 10 species of amphibians and 24 species of fish. There are also 139 plant species, 13 of which rare and endangered. The floating reed islands where the lake inhabitants nest are also intriguing. There is a Natural History museum which houses stuffed representatives of the lake inhabitants and provides opportunities for watching the birds via live video. The eco-trail around the lake, the observation platforms and the resting pavilions allow us to capture the magical atmosphere of the place through the lens, to take a rest or simply to indulge in contemplation.


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