Ropotamo Reserve
Georgi Yordanov

Ropotamo Reserve


Although small in size, Ropotamo Reserve is home to a great variety of animal and plant species. It is located near the holiday resort of Dyuni. The reserve is an incredible natural combination ofsea, river and marsh, of riparian forests, attractive beaches, sand dunes, historical and archaeological finds and wonderful rock formations. In this multicoloured natural palette one can discern a multitude of threatened animals and plants. It is because of this abundance that the reserve has an extremely strict protection status. Although any kind of human activity is forbidden, we still have the chance to get a first-hand experience with its treasures: there are exciting boat trips along the Ropotamo River going as far as its estuary in the Black Sea. A few tourist trails have also been allowed.


226 bird species, eight of which globally threatened and 70 threatened in Bulgaria, fish, reptiles, mammals and over 600 species of higher plants live on the territory of the reserve. The Black Sea island of St. Thomas, also known as the Snake Island, further contributes to the colour of the place. 


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