"St. Paraskeva" Church

"St. Paraskeva" Church


The white building of the church "St. Paraskeva "really strands out against the background of dozens of Revival style houses perched on hills of Leshten. In 1837 it was built by settlers from Golo Bardo (modern-day Albania) and named after St. Paraskevi or Paraskeva, patron-saint of the church in their home village. The lively colored authentic wall-paintings still brighten the interior of the church in Leshten. The exquisite and elaborate iconostasis is quite impressive as well. The sound of bells ringing enlivened the village soon after the completion of the building, when the church got a belfry.

The history of this place is obscure and shrouded in mystery and legend. It is believed that the Bulgarian migrants from Golo Bardo brought a stone relic from their home church and set it as a cornerstone in the construction of the new temple in Leshten. The stone bore two inscriptions, namely the years 1666 and 1898. It is considered that the first indicates the founding year of the church in Golo Bardo, while the second – the year of its reconstruction. That increases the visitors' interest and makes the church a compelling place to visit.


Whether you are a keen believer, or simply lover of good stories, the church doors are always open for you…


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