Architectural Reserve - the village of Leshten

Architectural Reserve - the village of Leshten


The authentic look and genuine spirit of Leshten win every visitor’s heart. The village is located in the high southern slopes of the Western Rhodopes, 8 km from the village of Garmen and 15km away from the city of Gotse Delchev. The old houses perched on the hills are all designed in the Bulgarian National Revival (18-19th c.) architecture style and some have been restored to their original appearance. A simple walk along the charming narrow cobbled streets here turns into a time travel into the past. You could have an overnight stay at one of the houses with large verandas, cool basements and tidy yards; maybe even have the chance to prepare your own meals with local products. Such an experience would perfectly compliment the excitement of the idyllic rural setting and the inevitable timeless feeling to that place. It would be wise to simply trust your hosts - they will certainly offer you some traditional local dishes that you would never forget.

Besides, you could always take a hike or a trip around - pick some healthy herbs or mushrooms in the mountains, maybe go fishing or see what the other architecture reserve - the village of Kovachevitsa looks like, visit the villages of Dolen and Ribnovo or the Spa Resort at Ognyanovo.
Leshten has an extraordinary feel to it, complemented by the fresh air and the genuine peace and quiet of the small village. All this, combined with the unforgettable views to the Rhodope and Pirin mountains will certainly make you consider a second trip back here. Soon..


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