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Located in the Western Rhodopes, the village of Kovachevitsa has preserved its authentic 18-19th century appearance and will carry you to the peaceful atmosphere of that time.

Located in the Western Rhodopes, Kovachevitsa  is one of the most famous and beautiful Bulgarian villages. Near the Kanina River and about 24 km from the town of Gotse Delchev, it has preserved its authentic appearance from the 18-19th century, with its stone and wooden houses and the cobbled streets. Because of the preserved authentic architecture, in 1977 the village was declared a historical and architectural reserve.

Away from the urban tumult and bustle, here you could truly enjoy the mountain beauty and serenity. To fully immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere, stay in a typical Kovachevitsa house and do try the  traditional local dishes.

The village of Leshten is nearby – another one with preserved characteristic appearance. The famous "Clay House" is situated there, unique not only for its architecture, but for its interior design as well. The tourist routes will take you to the „Temnata gora” /the "Dark Forest"/ Reserve,  the “Sini  vir” waterfall /the "Blue Pool"/, the “Kozi kamak” locality/the "Goat stone"/ and others.


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