Museum Park Vrana Palace

Museum Park Vrana Palace


Vrana Palace and its beautiful park are a marvelous combination of history and nature. The Palace was the main private residence of the royal family of Bulgaria, situated just outside Sofia, 9 km east of the city center. Built between 1861 and 1948 by King Ferdinand, the complex consists of a beautiful botanical garden and two buildings, the so called Old and New Palace.

The first one was built as a royal hunting lodge. At present, it’s the official residence of the royal family once again. The new palace is being restored to its original 1909 design and turned into a museum, archive and library dedicated to the royal dynasty. The palace was donated by the royal family to the city of Sofia and as of 2015 the park is open to both scientists and the public.

The large park was designed by King Ferdinand himself and a team of prominent Bulgarian and foreign landscape and horticulture experts. Dozens of unique plants from all over the world were brought here and the landscape design includes gardens, rock gardens, conservatories, as well as the Lake with the lilies created in 1909.

The giant water lily is among the most impressive plant species found here. The beautiful "Dalem" rock garden was designed by the king, while the Royal Oak was personally planted by the monarch. Many other remarkable tree species are found here but the giant Chinese wisteria at the beginning of the complex is truly outstanding. The Sycamore alley offers great views and a peaceful retreat from everyday life. The whole place has a nice, romantic and serene feel to it.


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