Kanina River Canyon

Kanina River Canyon


River Kanina’s fabulous journey starts at the southern foot of the St. Peter Peak (1745 m) in the Western Rhodopes. The 36-kilometer river route is peppered with picturesque windings, cascades and beautiful ponds. The river has cut through solid rocks, forming a stunning gorge with cliffs jutting nearly 300-meters above the river bed. Captivated by nature’s creativity people have created lots of hiking trails around. Most of them naturally follow the river and visitors more of the beauty of these places.

The Kanina eco trail allows for everyone to choose for themselves – i.e. the starting and ending points of their trip – e.g. you can start at any of the villages around: Kovachevitsa, Gorno Dryanovo, Leshten or Skrebatno. The total length of the route is a little over 10 km, but a hike can take can anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, depending on your choice. However, whatever the chosen stop you’ll find yourself surrounded by scenic nature, picturesque places, magnificent cliffs, impressive peaks towering over you and cool forests. The route will definitely take you to quite a few natural and cultural landmarks, too. You will recognize Siniyat Vir (eng : the "Blue Pool") Area immediately, because of the many beautiful waterfalls and wide pools beneath them.

Near the village of Ognyanovo you’ll probably see the legend of the river’s name come to life. Locals say that some of their fellow villagers were massacred in the river because they refused to convert to Islam.  All that shed innocent Bulgarian blood immediately turned the river red and the Turkish started shouting: "Khan, Khan, Khan," which in Bulgarian means "blood." Therefore, the River was called Kanina.


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