Archaeological Reserve "Yailata"
Dimitar Ruykov

Archaeological Reserve "Yailata"


"Yailata" is a national reserve, situated 2 km away from the village of Kamen Bryag. A historical and archaeological site, but at the same time so much more than this ... Splendid scenery, combined with the extraordinary appeal of rocky beaches and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The reserve is a seaside ledge covering 300 decares (about 45 ha), detached from the sea by about 60 meters high rock massifs. The area is strewn with numerous historical monuments from different historical periods. Artifacts and dwelling remains prove that the place was settled as far back as the V century BC. A cave city was discovered here, with a 101 hand-hewn dwellings homes that have been used accordingly for thousands of years, some as tombs or churches as well. Back in the Middle Ages they functioned as a monastery complex. Three necropolises, meant to be family tombs have been hollowed out in the rocks, each with its own specifics. By the so called “Big Yaila”, there’s a small early Byzantine fortress, built in the late V. century, with partially preserved four towers and a tower-gate. A sanctuary, sacrificial stones, wineries, etc. also remained from the Antiquity. In the area, there’re remains of a life, long gone underwater, too - stone and iron anchors , parts of lead and stone-wooden anchors and various ceramic materials have been removed from the seabed.


The bird migratory route Via Pontica passes by the Yailata. About 180 species of birds nest here or fly through to the African coast. The place is perfectly suitable and preferred for ornithological tourism. More than 270 animal species are registered here.


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