Dospat Reservoir

Dospat Reservoir


Dospat Reservoir is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places in Bulgaria. The mirror-like lake surface of Dospat reflects the surrounding beauty of the magnificent Rhodopes with their old resin-flavored coniferous forests and curved ridges, creating a little piece of heaven on earth.  Small coves guarded by bright- green slopes and owe-inspiring heights towering above the water add the finishing touches to this enchantingly beautiful painting. The destination is a must for nature-lovers to visit. A lot of people come here to fish, practice water sports or just to relax. Anglers will be particularly satisfied – the reservoir is full of fish:  perch, trout, carp, chub, bleak, etc.

Apart from being an attractive tourist destination, Dospat Lake is a powerful source of electricity. Built in 1967 near the town of the same name, Dospat is one of the highest elevation reservoirs in Bulgaria, 1,200 m. above sea level, remarkable for its size as well - 19 km long, with an average depth of 40m. and a surface area of about 18 square kilometers.

Besides, not only the lake but the whole region is absolutely wonderful and will take pride in showing you the best of Bulgaria’s heritage and natural sceneries.


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