"St. Nicholas" Church
Desislava Yordanova

"St. Nicholas" Church


The progressive people of Kovachevitsa (a village in the Rhodopes) built a large and impressive church several years before the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule. The church was built between 1841-1848 of stone and wood by local self-taught masons and bears the name of St. Nicholas. The large three-nave basilica stood adjacent to the oldest school in the area that had been functioning since 1820.


Later on, in 1900 the church got a belfry as well. For the bells hanging from the 4-storey tower dozens of cow bells, bells, metal utensils, gold and silver objects and jewels donated by local people were melted. The bells were cast on-site. They were placed then removed several times until the builders were finally satisfied with the purity of the chimes. A cell-school ( i.e. monastery school) was built nearby that combined with the church and the belfry formed an interesting architectural ensemble.


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