Djendema Reserve

Djendema Reserve


If Heaven and Hell exist here on earth, they might both be situated in Djendema (or Dzhendema), the largest reserve in Stara Planina. The very name of the place comes from the Turkish word for "hell"and there’s a very good reason for that -  inaccessible cliffs and crags, steep gullies and ravines, dangerous chasms, dark forests and severe weather conditions dominate the unique area.

On the other hand, the highest waterfall in Bulgaria is here as well and it is not by chance that it was called "Rayskoto Praskalo"(eng:  Paradise Falls). The awe-inspiring Paradise Falls drop for 124.5 m and the enchanting area is surrounded by the so called Rayski skali, i.e. Paradise rocks. The only cabin in the reserve, not so far-off the waterfall, is again called “Rai” (eng: Paradise).


However, precisely because of the severe environment, the place is a true wildlife heaven and hundreds of flora and fauna species are thriving undisturbed by humans - bears, wolves, wild goats, deer and others. The rough living conditions have actually contributed a great deal to the conservation of the primeval beech forests, as well.


The access to the nature reserve is not restricted but there are designated hiking trails and marked routes. They travel to some seriously fascinating places offering wonderful views and all visitors can not but remain impressed by the natural beauty everywhere. One of those routes leads to the highest peak in Stara Planina mountain - Botev Peak (2376 m).


The reserve is also known as “Byala Reka”(eng: White River) just like the easy hiking trail that begins near the Monastery of Kalofer. The trail winds through some absolutely amazing places and you’ll definitely get the chance to experience the thrill of a wild encounter or simply enjoy the diverse flora.


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