Park "Sinanitsa"
Miroslava Dermendjieva

Park "Sinanitsa"


Park "Sinanitsa" includes some of the most picturesque places in the Pirin National Park. With a total area of ​​6885, 4 ha, it is actually situated on the territories of three municipalities: Strumyani, Kresna and Simitli. ​​ To the west, Sinanitsa stretches from Mount Vihren, through the Kutelo Peak, the ridge of Koncheto, all the way to Mount Pirin; to the south - from the Peaks Hvoynati, Muratov, Georgiitsa and Sinanitsa to the Sharalia Peak. The magnificent Vlahinski, Georgiiski and Sinanitsa cirques are on the territory of the park region as well; the homonymous lakes and lake groups - Sinanitsa, Georgiiski and Vlahinski, are celebrated for their crystal clear waters. Almost all representatives of the fauna in Bulgaria inhabit the Park. The most commonly found tree species there are white pine, white fir, spruce, beech, fir and aspen.


A favorable place to relax or for a nice walk is "Sinanitsa" Hut. Located at an altitude of 2200 m., on the shore of  Sinanishko Ezero (eng:the Lake of Sinanitsa), "Sinanitsa" is a two-storey building, with 50 beds and five bedrooms. In summer, you could also camp here and spend the night under the starry sky. There's a tourist kitchen, a large dining room, water and electricity, bathrooms and hot water.


A trip to "Sinanitsa" Hut from the town of Kresna takes about 9 hours - 6 h. by road (24 km.) and another three -  on a well-marked mountain trail, following the left bank of Sinanishka River . A wild place, perfect for recreation and relaxation. The hut is a starting point for several hiking trails, though some are not well-marked and you definitely need to use a map. The must-see places here are: Peak Sinanitsa (2516 m.) – climbing the steep path to the summit  takes an 1,30 h.; Mount Vihren; Little Sinanishko lake; Georgiiski lakes and the famous centuries-old Pine. The forest trails will lead you to “Golyamo Spano pole” cirque (takes an 1,30 h.), Georgiiski cirque (2,30 h.), the Vihren Hut - 4,00h., Kamenitsa Hut - 5,00h., Yane Sandanski Hut -4,00h., Spano Pole refuge - 1,30 h., Mount Vihren- 4,30h., The Tevno lake- 7,00 h. and Lagera Hut-  4,00h.


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