Batak Dam

Batak Dam


"Batak Dam" Resort is a fun place to be at any time of the year and it’s a great year round fishing area. The cool summers offer lots of opportunities to enjoy hiking and other exciting tours, while in winter Batak is a perfect place for skiing. The water area, covering 22 km2, is at the Matnitsa River. On one side, the reservoir extends to the “Tsigov chark” Resort and on the other- to the far more peaceful “Danoto” Region (eng: The Bottom”).
Batak Dam is about eight kilometers away from a town of the same name. Nature lovers and fishermen alike flock to the shores of Batak Dam – the first can often be seen walking peacefully along the shores, while the latter enjoy the waters teeming with diverse fish. So, rods are probably the most common items around.
In the bustling parts of the reservoir you could rent pedal boats or jets and have some more fun. Keen mountaineers would probably not pass up a good challenge here either - the third highest Rhodope Peak Syutkya rises to 2186 not too far away.
There are places to stay scattered around the area of the reservoir, but you could choose to accommodate in the nearby towns of Batak, Velingrad and Peshtera. And if you are looking for variety, you might decide to visit to numerous cultural and historical landmarks in the area.


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