Georgi Yordanov



Belmeken is one of the most enchanting areas in the Rila Mountains – the eponymous peak, the cabin at the foothills and the nearby Belmeken Lake are absolutely fabulous and worth a visit.

Belmeken, with a summit elevation of 2626 m. is easily accessible especially in summer. There’s a renowned sports facility and fields for all-year-round training set against the scenic backdrop of the mountain.

The Belmeken Cabin can accommodate up to 30 people and offers stunning views of the nearby peaks, and the Ravnivrashko Lake. It’s the starting point for a lot of unforgettable hiking trails as well - to Belmeken Peak and the lake, to Hristo Smirnenski, Venetitsa, Zavrachitsa and Gerginitsa cabins and etc.

The Lake Belmeken Area is a feast for the senses – serene waters, lake surface calmed to mirror-like perfection reflecting the slopes of Rila, air so clear that it almost feels sharp and palpable, amazing views all around...


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