Fotinski Falls

Fotinski Falls


There are three beautiful waterfalls within an hour of walking distance from the Rhodopean village of Fotinovo. They are formed by a small river that flows through rock formations, thus making its water fall in three cascades and creating breathtaking views. The biggest among the falls is about 16 metres tall.


The place is an end point to two eco-trails. It is located about 3 kilometres east from the village. It takes an hour to reach it. The trail follows the river and passes by resting pavilions and little bridges. It reaches a few clearings from where there are spectacular views to the falls. The first is about 6-7 metres high; at 16 metres, the second one is the biggest and in its third fall the water drops from 5-6 metres of height. Each fall forms small pools before flowing its water into the next or heading on its way in search for new water territories.


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