Panoramic viewing platform "Eagle Eye"

Panoramic viewing platform "Eagle Eye"


One cannot but remain impressed by the bewitching beauty of the Rhodopes. Here you could feast your eyes on some of nature’s most exquisite creations.

There’s a captivating place here that combines all the best features of the mountain – the panoramic viewing platform "Eagle Eye" at an altitude of 1563 m. above sea level. What more appropriate name could there be, provided that the view  reaches all the way to Pirin and Rila Mountains, the Buynovo Gorge, Chala and the Greek mountain ranges.

The platform is located close to the village of Yagodina and the fabulous Jagodinska Cave. The steel structure, mounted on the edge of a cliff, towers over the charming Buynovo Gorge and the scenic road curving down the river, at a height of 670 m. above ground level.  Built in 2009, the facility was designed with a capacity of up to 3 tons, but a maximum of 5 visitors will be allowed at one time.

Take the trail starting at the village of Yagodina and you can reach the "Eagle Eye" on foot, or you could rent a truck from the service at the parking lot of Jagodinska Cave. You’ll definitely have a wild encounter or two -probably you'll run into some wild goats or, with a little luck, you could even see a golden eagle.


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