Yagodinska cave

Yagodinska cave


The Yagodinska cave ranks first among the longest caves in the Rhodopes with a total length of about 10,000 m.  Admittedly, if we were to rank based on appearance and embellishment, Yagodinska cave would rank first as well. 22 out of 28 types of cave formations known in the world are represented here. Bizarre stalactites and stalagmites, dendritic formations or dendrites (i.e. “branching figures , resembling shrubs or trees in form, found in certain stones or minerals due to the presence of a foreign material”)and draperies, peculiar helictites (i.e. ” mineral deposits found in limestone caves that change their axis from the vertical during their growth”) and enchanting sinter lakes cast a spell on visitors of all ages. Last but not least, some of the rarest speleothems in the world – the surreal cave pearls - enhance the dream-like quality of the cave.

The cave was formed in the marble rocks more than 275,000 years ago. It is situated on several levels interconnected with galleries. The bottom level is fully adapted for guided tours, but the others are accessible as well.

Self–guided adventure caving trips without proper equipment are not permitted.

There’s evidence that the cave has continuously been inhabited ever since the Copper Age and has always been a subject of great interest. The only preserved authentic eneolithic dwelling place in Europe was discovered near the natural entrance of the cave – a ceramic center with remnants of a kiln, pottery pieces, tools, charred corn and others. No access restrictions apply to that part of the cave.

Yagodinska cave is a part of the "100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria" program.



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