"Saeva Dupka"Cave

"Saeva Dupka"Cave


The colorful "Saeva Dupka" Cave is situated near the village of Brestnitsa, the region of Lovech. There’s an immense variety of multicolored cave and glacial formations, scattered around both the halls and the galleries with a total length of about 400m.

The mystifying entrance is covered with mosses and ferns. The first out of five halls is called “Kupena”(Eng.: “The Haystack”) and the second – “Srutishteto” (Eng.: “The Cave-in”; “the Collapse”) is peppered with boulders, probably after an age-old earthquake. There’re lots of small stalactites, hanging down from the ceiling, oddly reminiscent of frozen rain.To the side is the thickest stalactone in the cave with the height of 4.5 m and circumference of 13 m. The iridescent “gemstone-studded” north wall fascinates every visitor.  The petrified waterfall nearby is truly captivating as well.

Harmana, Beliyat kamak and the Cosmos( Eng. “The Stackyard”, “The White stone”, “The Space”) halls are next.  Harmana, known for its great acoustics, has hosted numerous concerts and was used as a movie set. The only inclined stalactites in Bulgaria are located in that hall. Their extraordinary shape is due to the constant air flow in the cave.

"Saeva Dupka"(Eng. “Saeva Hole”) was named after the twin brothers Sayu and Seyu, local insurgents against the Ottoman rule who fled to the cave for refuge from Ottoman persecution. Long before that, it was inhabited by humans and various animals - animal bones, pottery and Roman coins were found while the cave was being developed.

"Saeva Dupka" was proclaimed  a natural landmark and attracts thousands of curious visitors throughout the year.


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