Morovitsa Cave

Morovitsa Cave


Near the Teteven village of Glozhene, not far from the remarkable St. George the Victory-Bearer Monastery, one of Bulgaria’s biggest caves has hidden its wonders. It’s reachable via two eco trails, one starting from the village of Glozhene and the other – from the Glozhenski Monastery. Morovitsa is a two-level cave, 3250m long and 150m deep. It is home to a great variety of bats. Millenniums ago it was also home to primitive people. The first finding – a cave bear’s tooth – was discovered in 1910 and consequently gave rise to more serous research. Many objects that once belonged to our primitive ancestors were discovered. Today they’re on display at the History Museum in Teteven and in Sofia.


A huge entrance and a wide horizontal hall take the visitor inside the fantastic cave. And then up to the breath-taking 57-metre abyss. Visitors can only enjoy 350m of this natural work of art – only this part is accessible for tourists. However, these are also places trodden by our ancestors from the Late Paleolithic, the Neolithic and the Chalcolithic Ages. This atmosphere further increases its value and the feeling that you’ve touched upon something eternal. 


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