Skoka Waterfall of Reselets
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Skoka Waterfall of Reselets


The Skoka Waterfall near the village of Reselets (Reseleshki vodopad Skoka), not far away from the town of Cherven Bryag, doesn’t impress with its size. It is only about ten metres high. However, there is something else that makes it extremely attractive – one’s possibility to go through it from behind. The rock which the water falls from sticks out to the front and forms a cave one can pass through. The passing is most impressive in the spring, during the high season. In the summer it is possible for the waterfall to almost completely dry out.


The whole area is really beautiful thanks to the rocks covered by moisture loving plants. The numerous tower-resembling rock formations, called Kupenite, located near the waterfall, are also interesting.


There are more interesting sights in the region – you can combine the visit to the Skoka Waterfall of Reselets with a walk in the Iskar-Panega Geo-park as well as with a visit to the Prohodna Cave, also known as The Eyes of God, near Karlukovo. 


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