“Skoka” Falls

“Skoka” Falls


This enchanting place in the picturesque Koznitsa River gorge patiently awaits the arrival of all nature and water lovers. A four-kilometer eco trail takes you from the downtown area of Teteven to the beautiful “Skoka” Waterfall (eng: Jump Waterfalls). If you’re in the area, pay a visit to this stunning waterfall, you just might be able to see both of its branches. The right one is actually temporary and you can only enjoy it during wetter seasons with high precipitation. The water rushes down from a height of about 60 m. past cliffs covered with bright green moss. Usually in the winter, Skoka is beautifully frozen and perfect for ice climbing. The 30-meter-high left branch is permanent and you may enjoy its unsteady rhythm all year round.

Rarely does one visit the area around the waterfall or the Canyon of the Koznitsa River without conjuring childhood memories of fairy tales and images of mythical worlds. Boulders around are all covered with fresh green moss. You simply might not be able to get rid of the feeling that Tolkien creatures are secretly peeking out from behind the wooden bridges over the river. This place has just got an ethereal feel to it. All that - the waterfall, the recreational spots around, the shelter with a fireplace near the waterfall - makes a perfect setting for your own fantasy movie. Take part in it..You’ll never forget it.


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