Chekotinski Мonastery "St. Archangel Michael "
Desislava Yordanova

Chekotinski Мonastery "St. Archangel Michael "


The Chekotinski monastery of St. Archangel Michael, nestled among the serene and beautiful Balkan Mountains, just off the shores of Malak Iskar River (eng: Little Iskar River), is situated near the village of Kalugerovo and not far from the town of Pravets.  Its history goes back as far as the 12th century, maybe even further back in time as indicated by the remains of an ancient temple found beneath the foundations.


The church is the oldest part of the complex preserved to the present day. Although repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, it has retained some of its original appearance. The skillfully crafted iconostasis and icons date back to the 18th and 19th century. The hidden door and secret passageway in the northern section of the church have most probably been used by Vasil Levski to evade capture during his visits to the monastery related to the establishment of a network of insurrectionary committees.


At present, the Chekotinski monastery is an active place of worship. The complex consists of a church, the beautifully ornate chapel of "St. Gennady", agricultural buildings and residential dwellings. The general step-like layout of the monastic complex and the proper maintenance of the cloister bring additional local color to this wonderful place. The spirit of the former active cultural and educational center and the overwhelming sense of abiding Christian faith are very palpable even outside the high walls of the complex. Apart from the chance to feel genuine peace and humility, the monastery offers accommodation as well.  "St. Archangel Michael " was proclaimed an archaeological monument.


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