AHR "Bozhentsi"
Dimitar Ruykov

AHR "Bozhentsi"


The establishment of the village is associated with a 600-year-old legend - the legend of the young noblewoman Bozhana.

The Architectural and historical Reserve of "Bozhentsi" is located in the Balkan Mountains, 15 km from the town of Gabrovo and close to an ancient road /IVth century BC/, associated with the large Roman road "Nicopolis ad Istrum-Augusta Trayana-Constantinople".

The establishment of the village is associated with a 600 year-old-legend  - the legend of the young noblewoman Bozhana.  When the Ottoman troops entered Tarnovo, the noblewoman escaped and headed for the inaccessible parts of the mountain. She settled in the area where Bozhentsi is situated now and to this day the village-reserve bears the name of Bozhana - Bozhentsi. Bozhana’s sons became merchants and with their support the village developed to be an important commercial crossroad during the National Revival.

Bozhentsi was proclaimed a reserve in 1964 because of its preserved authentic National Revival architecture. Building in any other style is strictly prohibited. The houses fascinate with their characteristic covered balconies -loggias /”chardak”/ and stone slab roofing. The corner fireplaces and the hand-carved ceiling designs are also very typical for the houses. While walking along the enchanting cobble-stone streets, don't forget to try a local specialty - coffee prepared on hot sand, visit some of the houses-museums and dive into the XVIII-XIXth century Renaissance atmosphere.

AHR “Bozhentsi” is included in the “One hundred tourist sites of Bulgaria” initiative.


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