The Monastery of St. George (Glozhenski monastery)
Georgi Jordanov

The Monastery of St. George (Glozhenski monastery)


The majestic silhouette of the Monastery of St. George in the village of Glozhene is visible from afar. It’s absolutely astonishing – the holy place stands on a cliff top - a true medieval castle, towering over the entire area. Due to its distinct location, the sanctuary is incredibly popular and rightfully considered one of the most beautiful Bulgarian monasteries. Moreover, it is why the cloister remained unreachable and ultimately untouched during the Ottoman rule.


Its history is no less impressive. It is considered that the "Holy Transfiguration" monastery and a small fortress were built in the area in the 13th c. AD. with the support of knyaz Glozh, Prince of Kiev, who gave his name to the village. Later, in the early 18th c. monks built the temple of St. George the Martyr. For a while, the two cloisters coexisted, connected through a rock-hewn tunnel. In the XVIII-XIX c. the new monastery established a significant educational activity. The monks founded a metochion (i.e. Dependent Monastery)  and a church school near the Malki izvor village, near Lovech.


The wood-carved iconostasis is among the biggest assets of the monastery. It is believed to have been brought by Prince Glozh. At present, the miracle-making icon of St. George is kept in the Diocese of Lovech. The monastery church has a copy of it. Vasil Levski ‘s hiding place is kept in the monastery – the Apostle of Freedom regularly absconded here .The cell where Bishop Kliment (Vasil Drumev) was exiled is a museum now.


The Monastery of Glozhene is active and offers accommodation.


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