Iskar-Panega Geo-park
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Iskar-Panega Geo-park


A number of little bridges and resting places provide spectacular views in the Iskar-Panega Geo-park. This unusual park begins about half a kilometer before the town of Lukovit. Its route follows the course of the Panega River; the little bridges wind themselves by the rocks above the water and take their guests into a fairytale-like natural world. In it there are impressive meanders, a beautiful canyon, captivating forests and views and miraculous rock formations with names like The Earthen Jar (Delvata), The Latch (Rezeto), The Whirlpool (Vartopa), The Radetsky Ship (Koraba Radetski) and The Nose (Nosat). Some say the most clearly observable old meander in the country is here in the locality of Kotlen. It is believed that these places possess peculiar energy and harmony which calms the nerves. The mysterious Panezhka Temna Dupka Cave is also located in this region.


The Iskar-Panega Geo-park consists of two regions – Karlukovski Karst Complex and Panega Landscape Park. It is Bulgaria’s first geological park. Its territory is home to a number of geological, geomorphologic and paleontological sites as well as sites of cultural-historical or natural value. The park’s route is almost fully horizontal with the exception of one light ascent. Easy, beautiful, pleasant – enough reasons to make you visit this place.


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