Eco trail “Under the waterfall’s spray”
Georgi Yordanov

Eco trail “Under the waterfall’s spray”


The eco trail that goes by the romantic name of “Under the waterfall’s spray” takes you from downtown Teteven to the beautiful “Skoka” Waterfall (eng: The Jump Waterfalls) At first, for a while the trail follows the city road, but then it starts winding along the picturesque gorge of Koznitsa River and the waterfall itself is its ending point. The actual eco- trail constitutes a 600-meter-long section of the total 4-km track.

 The 2-hour walk, especially the last part of it, will titillate and satiate your senses – freshness, fabulous views of the the riverbed and unspoiled beauty of crystal-clear waters falling from tens of meters. The trail goes upstream; zigzagging between boulders and sheer cliffs covered with carpets of moss then jumping up on the wooden bridges over the river. You simply need to immerse yourself in the astonishing and ethereal atmosphere. Walking along the canyon, you'll see some well-adjusted recreational spots with tables and benches. There’s a spacious shelter with a fireplace by the waterfall as well, inviting you to a well-deserved and wonderful rest against the amazing backdrop of divine nature.


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