Pravets Monastery St. Theodore the Tyro
Georgi Jordanov

Pravets Monastery St. Theodore the Tyro


The monastery of "St. Teodor the Tyro"( i.e. the Roman martyr St. Theodore of Amasea or St. Theodore the Recruit) was built near the town of Pravets in 1180 and since then this amazing countryside has been literally saturated with a genuine sense of peace, humility, comfort and spirituality. The cloister is situated in a beautiful area among the cool forests of Stara Planina Mountain. A nice eco trail starting at the town of Pravets leads to the monastery. The sanctuary shared the fate of many other Bulgarian sacred places during the centuries of the Ottoman rule and was destroyed twice. The dedicated monks and devoted local believers brought it back to life.


At present, the complex consists of a church and a few residential dwellings. During the restoration works carried out in 2004, the precious iconostasis created by icon-painters from the Teteven School was rejuvenated and the monastic kitchens were restored. The old wall-paintings were partially preserved as well.  Upon entering the sanctuary, most visitors are impressed by the idyllic setting – the neat whitewashed façade, the two amazing bas-reliefs with dragon heads above the entrance, the tidy fountains and benches all around.


The hypothesis that the cloister was built atop a Thracian sanctuary makes the perfect finishing touch to the appeal of the Pravets Monastery, adding even greater cultural value, character and instant charm to the sanctuary.


Feel it for yourself – aside from the convenient eco trail, the road from Pravets to Etropole will take you to this powerful place as well.



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