Kuyumdzhieva House - Ethnographic Museum of Plovdid
Georgi Jordanov

Kuyumdzhieva House - Ethnographic Museum of Plovdid


Kuyumdzhieva house is a cultural monument of national importance, one of the brightest examples of material culture of the Bulgarian National Revival (The Bulgarian Renaissance). It was built in 1847 and reflects the views and outlook of the wealthy Plovdiv merchant Argir Kuyumdzhioglu. It’s been also known as the “King's residence”.

The "Mistress" of Hisarkapiya combines three architectural traditions. The bay windows at the facade and the wood belong to the Rhodope architectural style, the ottoman-like settees /bg: minder/ and the loggias /bg: kioshk/ or “chardak”/are typically oriental, the so called "alafranga"(tur. from fr. alla frаnса” - “the French fashion”) pediments and columns represent the "European Baroque". The spacious halls are decorated with magnificent carvings and murals.

As of 1938 t Kuyumdzhiev's residence houses the exhibition of the Plovdiv Ethnographic Museum. The museum introduces the traditional culture of Thrace, the Rhodopes and the Srednogorie mountains during the Bulgarian Revival. More than 40,000 exhibits are kept in the Museum’s Depository. The International Chamber Music Festival is held annually in the courtyard.


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