House of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov  - "Zlatyo Boyadzhiev" Gallery
Georgi Jordanov

House of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov - "Zlatyo Boyadzhiev" Gallery


The imposing neoclassical building stands on the main street of Plovdiv’s Old Town. The house was built between 1858 and 1860, and belonged to Dr. Chomakov - one of the most prominent fighters for an independent Bulgarian church during the Bulgarian Revival. The interior is richly decorated and the ornaments with the characteristic carved suns are utterly impressive.

After the Liberation, the house was provided for the residence of Prince Ferdinand. Since 1950, it houses the Children's Department of the National Library "Ivan Vazov", and since 1980 – the permanent exhibition of the eminent Plovdiv artist – Zlatyo Boyadzhiev. There’s a monument of the distinguished artist in the courtyard.


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