Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum
Georgi Yordanov

Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum


The Veliki Preslav Archaeological Museum houses thousands of finds from Simeon’s capital as well as objects that were made to serve our ancestors during the Golden Age. Around 1700 exhibits attract tourists into the museum of Bulgaria’s old capital. It keeps over 35 000 objects from the glorious past of Veliki Preslav.


The Preslav’s golden treasure impresses the viewer with the shine of golden adornments, appliqués and buttons, silver spoons and coins. The impressive collection of lead Middle Byzantine stamps is considered to be the world’s biggest. The ceramic icon of St. Todor Stratilat, the ceramic iconostasis from the Palace Monastery and the collection of epigraphic monuments are just a small portion of all the valuable finds, sparking the visitors’ interest.


The over century-old museum owns the richest collection of finds representative of the time of the Golden Age of Bulgaria. Millennia after their creation, its exhibits speak of the important role the capital played in the art and the Slavic literacy and spirituality of the 9-10 century.  


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