National Naval Museum
Georgi Jordanov

National Naval Museum


The National Naval Museum was established in 1923 and is located in the Sea Garden of Varna. The museum presents the marine and naval history of Bulgaria in its wholeness, as well as the history of the Navy since its founding in 1879 till today. The internal exhibition brings together tens of thousands of exhibits, organized into 15 collections, including photos, documents, original shipwrecks, such as ancient anchors, figureheads, marine uniforms, scale models of ships, flags, collections of mines and guns. Among those there are artifacts from the bottom of the Black Sea, as well as objects related to the Russo-Turkish wars in the 18th - 19th century. One of the highlights is the torpedo boat “Drazki” ("Daring"), that hit the "Hamidie" cruiser during the Balkan Wars (1912- 1913.) The torpedo boat immortalizes the bravery and sacrifice of the Bulgarian Navy. The exhibit is open to the public.


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