Sofia Central Mineral Baths

Sofia Central Mineral Baths


The impressive building, located in the small park with a fountain just opposite the Central Market Hall, belongs to the Central Mineral Baths. Built in 1913, to exploit the hot thermal spring there, the city’s public baths have great architectural and artistic values. The building’s design is a perfect combination of typical medieval and early twentieth century Bulgarian architecture. The forefront decoration impresses with a variety of design solutions and elements. Multicolored tiles form two friezes, clearly recreating stylized floral and simplistic geometric shapes. Prominent Bulgarian artists designed the highly artistic decoration of the building.

The interior is no less attractive - it is mainly characterized by openness and spatial freedom. Although, when it comes to functionality and appearance, the building has a number of advantages, it was closed in 1986. Recently the Central Mineral Baths were adapted to accommodate the Museum of Sofia with a permanent exhibition. The museum has 11 rooms with more than 120 000 items - archaeological finds, jewelry, coins, personal items of historical figures and many more. The geothermal section of the building is developed and maintained to better exploit the potential of the mineral spring.


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